Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it more expensive to book a taxi through Airport Taxis-4-U than to get a taxi at the airport itself?
A: No, in fact it is cheaper to book with Airport Taxis-4-U as we give you a fixed price and not a meter price.

Q: Is your company licensed and fully insured?
A: Yes we are licensed with Transport for London and Ashford Borough Council and hold full public liability insurance.

Q: Who has the final say on the pick-up times?
A: We can only advise on an appropriate pickup time and it is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure they have allocated sufficient time for the journey

Q: Can I pay by credit card?
A: Yes, we accept all major debit and credit cards including American Express, and provide written confirmation letters.

Q: Will my credit card details be safe with you?
A: We hold a certificate of compliance from the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (Trustwave) Certificate number 4AC9-F1EO-09A7-FE22 ensuring strict security guidelines are adhered to.

Q: Will I get a receipt?
A: We provide written receipts, especially for transport to and from the airport, which confirms the details of your booking and can be kept with your other transport documents.

Q: What if I cancel – will I be charged?
A: Airport Taxis-4-U is happy to provide a full refund upon cancellation, less £5.00 to cover administration costs.

Q: Are your drivers qualified?
A: Our drivers are all fully licensed Hackney and Private Driver drivers and all hold current CRB checks.

Q: What time will I be picked up after I land?
A: We generally allow 45 minutes after the scheduled landing time for passengers to collect their luggage and pass through customs. However, our driver will be on site and will know when your flight has landed and will usually arrange to get in contact via text.

Q: How will you find me?
A: Passengers are contacted by text message and met in the Arrivals Hall with a nameboard for identification.

Q: Do you charge extra for the congestion charge?
A: If passengers have booked a Licensed London Hackney Carriage cab the journey will be exempt from the congestion charge. Passengers will also benefit from being able to travel in the bus lanes and bypass the heavy traffic.

Q: Can I change my route for pickups and drop-offs?
A: Yes you can, but please note there may be an additional charge.

Q: Is the consumption of food and drink allowed during the journey?
A: Airport Taxis-4-U does not allow the consumption of food or drink in their vehicles. However, on long journeys we are happy to make comfort stops.

Q: Can I take my pet?
A: We can accommodate guide dogs and other pets by prior agreement only.

Terms And Conditions

Please check carefully that all the details given are correct at the time of booking, paying particular attention to return flight details and dates. Airport Taxis-4-U are not responsible in the event that you do not board a return flight, or have inadvertently given us an incorrect date, time and flight details. If we have not received sufficient advance notice, we will be unable to make a refund once a driver has departed for the journey. Airport Taxis-4-U will not be responsible for further return transport without alternative booking arrangements.

Valeting costs will be recouped from the passenger for any soil or damage to the vehicle, and in certain circumstances, Airport Taxis-4-U will use our discretion when taking bookings to request a deposit of £45 for any soil to the vehicle.

Appropriate journey times are allowed in order to arrive at the airport in good time to check-in before flight departures. However, passengers who wish a later pick up time do so entirely at their own risk.

Airport Taxis-4-U shall not be liable, or deem to be in breach of contract for any delay caused beyond our reasonable control for example, road traffic accidents, hold ups, trade disputes or other industrial actions, adverse weather conditions, breakdowns or acts of God. However we will endeavour to fully inform passengers of such delays.

Airport Taxis-4-U will be happy to provide a full refund upon cancellation, less £5.00 to cover administration costs.

Please note that when meeting flights, a reasonable waiting time of 1 hour is allowed from when the flight lands to meeting passengers in the Arrivals Hall. Your driver will be on site and will know when your flight has landed. However, if you experience lengthy delays inside the terminal such as immigration issues, lost luggage, customs or Terminal diversions please notify us on the given contact number in order to avoid additional driver waiting time of £20 per hour or part thereof plus parking costs.